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S & S Repair and Restoration, LLC was created out of necessity as the owner resides in an area that sees a lot of seasonal flooding and other water damage. As neighbors and friends continued to suffer from the rivers and lakes flooding their homes and businesses year after year, it quickly became clear there was a need for more help in the area.

The lakes and rivers are not going anywhere, so there was truly a need for help. No matter how much equipment S&S Repair & Restoration purchased over the years to be prepared, there always seemed to be more folks that needed assistance. A commitment was made by S & S Repair and Restoration to service residents and business locally in the McHenry, Fox Lake and all surrounding areas.

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We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing, and work hard to make our clients our best referrals. Your roof is one of the most essential features of your home, without a roof in perfect condition, you will have many problems.

Insurance and Hail / Storm Damage

If you need assistance with an insurance loss from Hail or other storm damage, we can help you. S & S Roofing and Restoration are specialists working with insurance companies and the adjusters.

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